Equipment Upgrades

In addition to hosting online sales indices for sale companies and individual horse profiles for consignors, Thoroughbred Catalog also provides photography and walking videos using high-quality hand-held and aerial photography equipment.

To be blunt, my first couple major yearling sales doing conformation shots did not go so well due to the fact that the camera I was using at the time kept freezing, usually around the time the yearling colt or filly would be in just the right pose for conformation, plus, I had no control over the shutter speed, causing blur in some of the images I was capturing. After enough of these failures, I vowed to never offer photography at another yearling sale until I had the right equipment for the job.

Well, that day is today and I am excited as ever to be able to offer this to my clients, with full monitor viewing of each shot as it is captured. I am also excited to offer this photography with upgraded editing software, and a best-in-class cloud-based system for displaying these images with the catalog page, video, and any related social media mentions of each horse to give the buyers the most compelling, comprehensive, virtual inspection experience possible for each horse.

Thoroughbred Catalog can do this all for the buyers, sellers, and even the auction houses, using our industry-leading software.

Please contact us to help you effectively promote your yearlings and two-year-olds in training with photos, videos, and social media on our interactive catalog index for each sale!

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