Two More Successful Sales in the Books

Once again, the Texas Thoroughbred Association called upon Thoroughbred Catalog web services to give their online catalog the boost they’ve come to expect from us, and, once again, showed gains in their yearling sale.

New for 2017, the Minnesota Thoroughbred Association featured the Thoroughbred Catalog web service index on their website, and, to meet auction house demand, featured a robust airway scope and bone radiograph repository for viewing. This saved the MTA from having to set up a separate repository station at their sale and freed their personnel to perform other essential tasks. Kay King, Executive Director for the Minnesota Thoroughbred Association expressed how happy she was that they utilized Thoroughbred Catalog to enhance their marketing. King told us over the phone that she was able to simply forward pictures and videos to us that were sent to her and they “magically” appeared on her catalog. Of course, it wasn’t magic, but was just one example of the great support she received for her sale. King was also able to realize savings on the printing and mailing of print catalogs to the MTA sale buyers because of the online presence of the catalog pages, updates, photos, videos, and repository.

If you’re a regional auction house, consider using Thoroughbred Catalog to enhance your website. You can turn it into the online catalog and ultimate marketing tool you always wanted it to be… at a price you can afford.

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